Little Fun Palace
Little Fun Palace

Little Fun Palace

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Little Fun Palace - OHT [Office for a Human Theatre]

 A roulotte. A tiny and portable pavilion. A bar. An ephemeral gathering place. An homage to the Fun Palace; the cult project by architect Cedric Price and theatre director Joan Littlewood that back in the 60’s wanted to realize a university of the street, a laboratory of fun.

Little Fun Palace is a parasite project, presented together with OHT’s shows or without them, is an ever-changing place for encounters, talks, balls, gigs and any other form of possible spontaneity. This is a project focusing on the moment right after the cultural activity; the moment in which ideas, words and people’s encounters require space to happen. Little Fun Palace tackles a contemporary void exhuming the raison d’être of public areas; that one of being an open forum for spontaneous encounters.

Little Fun Palace brings together artists, philosophers, economists, scientists, engineers, musicians, architects, sociologists, writers, meteorologists, teenagers exploring every aspects of reality in its diverse areas and shapes. This is a seriously spontaneous survey releasing intelligence from any cirrus of intellectualism.

Little Fun Palace is the first of Loc. Fies 1, a series by Centrale Fies, designed and published by bruno

Language: Italian | English
Size: 17 × 23 cm
Pages: 48
2 Color Offset + Pantone
Publication date: 2019
ISBN 978-88-99058-10-4